Antique Impressions

Antique Impressions Hardwood Flooring

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Alberta Hardwood Flooring is proud to be Alberta’s exclusive authorized dealer of this prestigious line of flooring.

Creative At Home Inc. created the Antique Impressions collections of hardwood flooring as a response to the renewed interest in natural and authentic wood flooring. Recognizing the beauty of character Western Red Alder and having a dedication to quality, the flooring line was launched in historic colours. Artistically finished by their skilled craftsmen, the Antique Impressions collections recount a time of unsurpassed workmanship. Using carefully selected top-quality rustic hardwood with wonderful intergrown knots, this flooring is meticulously handcrafted to last and be loved for generations.

Six Unique Hardwood Product Lines

This superb line of long-length, wide plank flooring complements all design styles, adding tasteful authenticity to historic renovations, elegance to classic foundations and depth of character to modern homes.

Antequera Red Alder – Antique Alder
Rustique Red Alder – Antique Alder
Orchard Red Alder – Antique Alder
Country Red Alder – Antique Alder
Val Thorens Red Alder – Belleville Plank
Chambéry Red Alder – Belleville Plank
Bonneval Red Alder – Belleville Plank
Saint Véran Red Alder – Belleville Plank
Tofino Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Shale Ridge Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Port Townsend Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Pender Harbour Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Mount Baker Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Kettle Valley Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Ferndale Douglas Fir – Cascadia
Weathered – Reclaimed Heart Pine
Saloon – Reclaimed Heart Pine
Saddle – Reclaimed Heart Pine
Hayloft – Reclaimed Heart Pine
Blacksmith – Reclaimed Heart Pine
Barnboard – Reclaimed Heart Pine
Devonshire Walnut – Estate Plank
Dakota Hickory – Estate Plank
Tuscany White Oak – Estate Plank
Madeira White Oak – Estate Plank
Conestoga Hickory – Estate Plank
Greycastle White Oak – Estate Plank
Inverness White Oak – Estate Plank
Wexford White Oak – Estate Plank
Marseille White Oak – Estate Plank
Avignon White Oak – Estate Plank
Cheyenne Hickory – Estate Plank
Appalachian Hickory – Estate Plank
Brevik White Oak – Estate Plank
Alcazar Hickory – Castillo Plank
Morena Hickory – Castillo Plank
Cádiz Hickory – Castillo Plank
Cantabria Hickory – Castillo Plank
Cordoba Hickory – Castillo Plank
Montiel Walnut – Castillo Plank
Ferrera Walnut – Castillo Plank
Zamora White Oak – Castillo Plank
Aragon Hickory – Castillo Plank
Solana Walnut – Castillo Plank
Navarre White Oak – Castillo Plank
Ávila Hickory – Castillo Plank
Vela Blanca Hickory – Castillo Plank

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