Seeing Red? (You’re not alone)

March 1, 2013

Seeing Red? (You’re not alone)


Hardwood Floors magazine’s most recent ‘State of the Industry’ report (p. 61) pegs Red Oak as the number one species sold in the US in 2012. And by quite a wide margin – 37% of all hardwood flooring sold last year was Red Oak, up from 31% in 2011. At 1290 on the Janka scale, Red Oak is a solid product with an open, even grain that handles ordinary wear and tear beautifully. Little wonder then, that Mirage features no less than 30 Red Oak products that range as follows:

  • sleek pales like…
    like Red Oak Nordic and Red Oak Alaska
  • ultra-edgy like…
    Red Oak Graphite and Red Oak Sambuca.
  • the naturals like…
    Red Oak Exclusive, Red Oak Select & Better, and Red Oak Golden;
  • the browns like…
    Red Oak Rich Oak, Red Oak Colorado, and Red Oak Java;
  • the grays like….
    Red Oak Chateau, Red Oak Rock Cliff, and Red Oak Urbana;
  • and the reds like….
    Red Oak Auburn, Red Oak Cognac, and Red Oak Sonora.

Talk to any of our flooring specialists at either location, Edmonton or Calgary, for the skinny on Mirage Red Oak.

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