A shade greener

August 28, 2013

A shade greener

Take a green product and incorporate even more ‘greenness’ through the manufacturing process and you’ve got Ames Ecotile. This is not just a green product; it’s a green + product. Created from a mixture of natural compounds, offering an impressive life cycle, and requiring low maintenance, tile is a great choice for the eco-adherent. What sets Ames Ecotile apart are the stringent manufacturing processes, facility accreditation, and auditing standards. Ninety to one-hundred percent of water used during the manufacturing process is recycled and reused. Ninety to one-hundred percent of soft and hard waste (including dust) created is recycled back into the manufacturing operation, kilns are fitted with high-grade filter systems to reduce toxic emissions, and surface glazes are toxin free. And although that’s impressive, it wouldn’t matter a lick if the tile weren’t also exceptionally beautiful. And it is! For high quality glazed and dry glazed porcelain tile, glass and metal mosaics, and natural stone including limestone, travertine, slate/quartzite, marble and onyx, look for the Ames tile display in-store or on our website.

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