Advantage… Cork

March 21, 2015

Advantage… Cork

TORLYS Cork Florence Premier Vintage Earl Grey_CCU90008-FSC-MX_RGB

Some flooring products just naturally have an edge. Our TORLYS Cork flooring collectionsFlorence and Classic – are perfect examples. Great looks aside, these flooring products feature a multitude of sought after characteristics such as durability and dent resistance, air-cushioned comfort, improved air quality, and superior insulator properties. The ‘green’ story of this product is a very special one: not only are the cork oak trees not harmed in any way during the responsible hand harvesting of the cork bark, but because the finished underlay-attached flooring product features the patented Unclic joint, the floor can be re-used up to three times under warranty. The bevel-edged Florence Collection features three sub-collections – Premier, Elite, and Designer – each featuring ten trendsetting color choices, while the Classic Collection offers two sub-collections – Elite and Premier – each with five soothing shades and square edged planks for a seamless look. For more information on cork flooring or any other flooring product, speak to one of our flooring experts in-store.

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