Aged Appeal

March 21, 2015

Aged Appeal


In Medieval times, many of the finest homes in Europe sported hand hewn hardwood floors. Over the years, the flooring acquired character marks and a spectacular patina that added even more appeal. Our Castillo Plank Collection, one of the four unique product lines that make up Creative At Home’s Antique Impressions, was inspired by the flooring of old European homes. It’s crafted from wide rustic grades of North American black walnut, hickory, and white oak and features a character-rich, hand-worked, wire brushed, and slightly uneven surface texture. Colours range from the lighter Avila, to the medium toned Seville, Navarre, Aragon, Solana, and Zamora, and extend to the deeper shades of Ferrera, Cadiz, Cantabria, Montiel and Morena. With engineered styling, long lengths, and a low gloss air-dried polyurethane finish, the Castillo Plank Collection marries Medieval authenticity with modern technology for a truly beautiful floor.

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