An Iconic Installation

December 18, 2015

An Iconic Installation

The year was 1946. World War 2 had just ended, and the city of Boston was in the process of developing a professional basketball team. The team – the Boston Celtics – would become one of the most storied and successful professional basketball teams in the NBA, winning a record 17 world championships. But in 1946, times were tough and wood, particularly maple, was scarce. Celtics’ owner, Walter Brown, opted to have the East Boston Lumber Company construct and install what would become the league’s most iconic playing surface. The floor was constructed from scrap oak – the only oak floor ever used in NBA history – and featured a unique parquet design. There were 247 5’ by 5’ pieces that were held together by wood planks, brass screws and 988 bolts. The floor would eventually have 3 homes: Boston Arena from 1946-1952; Boston Garden from 1952-1995; and the Fleet Centre (subsequently re-named TD Garden) from 1995-1999. In 1999, the floor was finally retired and a new surface incorporating pieces of the original floor was unveiled. Just this past October, the team welcomed their third ever floor – again melding parts of the original floor into the design. Their new floor? Oak of course!

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