May 21, 2014

Stylin’ Tile

We like wood. No surprise there. We also must say that since we became your full spectrum flooring provider, we’re equally proud of our carpeting and tile products – particularly when they combine our favorite elements. Case in point: our Tierra Sol line features several tile products that offer the convenience of porcelain or ceramic […]

April 21, 2014

Cupping revisited

Wood flooring is beautiful. It’s natural, long-wearing, hypoallergenic, and adds value to your home. It can also be a bit persnickety where moisture is concerned. Wood floors require an environment where the relative humidity and moisture content are controlled within a certain range specified by the product’s manufacturer. It’s gratifying to see that more and […]


Old World Charm

The Castillo Plank Collection from Creative at Home is a gem. Think wide.  Think really, really wide! Castillo products are available in 6, 7 and 8 inch widths, and long average lengths of 2 to 8 feet. This is big boned engineered flooring that’s hand worked by true artisans. You’ll love the authentic wire brushed […]


Mirage Engineered

  Mirage manufactures 109 different engineered flooring products. Not only is that impressive, it also tells us something: with 109 different Mirage engineered products to choose from, there’s no question but that we have the perfect engineered floor in the color, species, and width you’re looking for. Choose from a broad offering of colors – […]

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March 21, 2014

Flooring for Real Life

Mirage’s Imagine Collection was designed for real life. This collection features twelve strikingly subtle, perfectly textured choices that epitomize easy-living: the beautifully grey-beige (greige) toned Old Maple Papyrus and Old Red Oak Papyrus, Old Hickory Seashell and Old Red Oak Seashell; the richly rustic Old Maple Linen and Old Red Oak Linen, Old Red Oak […]


Ersatz Ebony = Kebony

We’re always curious when we hear about new wood products, particularly when the manufacturing process involves innovative technology and an environmental element. Understandable then, that Kebony piqued our interest. Bloomberg TV calls it “a timber with the benefits of expensive hardwoods like ebony, but without the environment damage”. Currently Kebony is being used by the […]

February 21, 2014

Cutting EDGE!

Nestled within Kentwood’s Elements Collection is Edge. Edge is an engineered delight with a real hardwood wear layer, a chunky 4 ¾ inch width in assorted board lengths, and a click-together joint system that makes installation a snap – literally! Go light with Brushed Oak Ice, Brushed Oak Canvas or Oak Sand. Embrace the beauty […]


Go for Gold with Mirage

When light just isn’t right, and dark doesn’t have that spark, maybe it’s time to go for gold! Mirage has 19 golden tones in its repertoire. The Mirage Admiration Collection features no less than 8 trendy smooth-surface gold offerings including Rich Oak Golden; Red Oak Sonora and Maple Sonora; and the Sierras in Old Hickory, […]


Beyond Janka

As those in the flooring and construction industries know, the Janka scale of hardness is a measure of “the relative hardness of woods”. According to the ‘scale’, the hardest commercially available wood is Hickory; the softest is Aspen; and soft Maple and Cherry are mid-range. But with the introduction and popularity of engineered flooring products, […]

January 29, 2014

Four More!

If you found it hard to choose from Mirage’s impressive selection of hardwood flooring before, you’ll have an even harder time now. Mirage has added four more fabulous floors – one each in the Sweet Memories and Admiration Collections and two in the Imagine Collection. Each new product, as with all Mirage floors, is meticulously […]

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