January 29, 2014

Best of both

Prefer the soft texture of carpet on the floors, but still yearn for wood? Why not do both? We offer an extensive selection of quality brand name carpeting – all the latest and greatest colors, styles and fibers. We also carry Meister Premium European Wall Systems – environmentally friendly, durable and easy to install wood […]

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November 28, 2013

Chance Encounter? You’ll be Mesmerized!

Chance Encounter and Mesmerized are just two of the stunning choices in the Fantasy Series of Kentwood’s Couture Collection. Rounding out the series are the darkly seductive Danger’s Charm, the ethereal Pagan’s Dance, and the silvery-hued Siren’s Call. All 5 Oak products in the Fantasy Series are brushed, engineered, and wide plank; feature a high […]


Maintenance is key!

Whether you’ve chosen wood flooring, laminate, cork flooring, leather flooring, carpeting or tile, keep in mind that each flooring option has its own specific needs when it comes to maintenance. Regular, proper maintenance will ensure that your flooring will continue to look and function the way it’s supposed to, and that your warranty remains in […]

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October 31, 2013

Mirage does fall – beautifully

The spectacular colors of fall come alive with Mirage Hardwood flooring. Glorious Goldens – like Red Oak Exclusive and Golden; American Cherry; African Mahogany Brass; Red Oak and Maple Sonora; Old Hickory, Hickory, Red Oak, Yellow Birch and Maple Sierra; and Old White Oak and White Oak R & Q. Opulent Oranges including Cabreuva (Santos […]

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October 1, 2013

Quality with a guarantee

When you choose to purchase a Torlys product from Alberta Hardwood, you will be buying some of the finest floor covering available, backed by comprehensive warranties, and manufactured under the most environmentally responsible methods in the industry. Torlys is committed to providing the highest quality and most fashionable flooring to our customers and we have […]

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August 28, 2013

It bears repeating…

Because the relationship between temperature changes (and the corresponding change in relative humidity) and wood flooring is so critical, we’re constantly sourcing the internet for articles and videos on the subject. This month, we’d like to direct you to a great article (Dewitt, C., Hardwood Floors, 2007) that expertly explains how to help your hardwood […]

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May 30, 2013

Make an impression

Decidedly different, elegantly expressive and meticulously handcrafted, our Creative At Home collections are superb. These are not run-of-the-mill flooring products! Rather, they celebrate the understated beauty and character of Western Red Alder. The Antique Impressions collections include the Estate Plank Collection, the Antique Alder Collection, and the Historic and Reclaimed Collection in Chisel Cut Alder or Dan […]

March 1, 2013

Simple Logic

A National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) survey of Residential real estate agents found that “homes with wood floors sell faster and fetch higher prices.” Overwhelmingly, the agents considered it more “cost-effective for home builders and renovators to select wood flooring instead of less-costly materials.” When you think about it, that makes perfect sense. A quicker […]

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February 20, 2013

Does this flooring make my room look wide?

It might, depending on the size and shape of your space. For example, if you’re looking to make a long narrow room appear wider, you might want to consider a diagonal installation, or opt for wider boards – or both.  Alternately, to visually lengthen a space, the best choice would be thinner boards installed lengthwise. […]

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February 1, 2013

Two score and seventeen

That’s 57 in today-speak, and that’s exactly how many unique shades are in Mirage’s Admiration Collection. Here’s the breakdown: nine hearty Hickory tones, eighteen marvelous Maples, nineteen rich Red Oaks, and eleven mellow Yellow Birch choices. And although there’s a wide range of floor types in this collection – Classic, Engineered, Lock, and even Herringbone […]

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