Cross Laminated Timber

August 21, 2014

Cross Laminated Timber


It’s been called “plywood on steroids” and it may end up revolutionizing the way high-rise buildings are constructed (Risen,, 2014). Cross laminated timber (CLT) is manufactured by “placing layers of parallel beams atop one another perpendicularly, then gluing them together to create material with steel-like strength” (Risen, 2014). So rather than the typical wood product that’s strong only in the direction of the grain, the cross laminated wood product is strong in both directions, making it ideal for high-rise construction. Risen notes that CLT is considered more cost efficient, easier to assemble (generally on site), more fire resistant, and produces impressive carbon savings over steel and concrete. The world’s first high-rise constructed using cross laminated timber was completed in 2009 in Shoreditch, East London. Since then CLT towers have popped up in other cities in England, Australia, and even in Prince George, BC; with more in the development stage for Chicago and Vancouver.

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