Ethos Signature Collection

The Ethos Signature Collection:
Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

Introducing The Ethos Signature Collection — where lifelike natural wood and tile patterns create endless design possibilities, above or below grade. This collection of premium vinyl planks and tile pulls from today’s most popular palette, giving you a wide array of timeless looks, all with lasting performance and low maintenance cost. For your free flooring estimate in Edmonton or Calgary, contact us today.



      A state of being whole and undivided, that’s Integrity. Inspired by the intricate textures of wood, Integrity works in any room and complements your style. It’s built to withstand high traffic and impact, even in the most active homes.


      With Resolve you are on course for harmonic change. The strength and beauty of Resolve is only matched by its practicality. These floorboards will add a modern aesthetic look to any room in your home. Upstairs or downstairs, this style offers a warm, timeless appeal.


      When you find a flooring style that matches the performance level of your space, you’ve found Tranquility. It effortlessly defeats spills, scuffs and stains and it will not swell, buckle or fail even if exposed to water.


      Spirit meets mettle — that’s the essence of Fortitude. Its sleek contemporary grain and detail makes it the ideal flooring for long runs. Fresh and stylish, this flooring will make your rooms pop.


      A deep stillness and versatile character creates Serenity. This flowing pattern offers flexibility and enduring beauty, but with the strength to withstand the rigors of real life. Beveled edges and realistic embossing only add to this flooring’s unmatched authenticity.

    • GRACE

      Simple, elegant and refined, that’s Grace. This realistic vinyl plank features a natural grain that exudes warmth and richness. With Grace you can complete any of your dream rooms with functionality and style.


      Raise a glass to successful outcomes! With extraordinary detail and rich embossed textures, Optimism mimics the look and feel of natural hardwood. Your friends and family will be hard pressed to tell it from the real thing.

    • CANDOR

      When seriousness and honesty mix, you have Candor. This trend-setting plank provides an unmatched level of durability, stability and flair. All with a waterproof structure and enhanced options for scratch and stain resistance.


      Pour it on! With a realistic textured finish that mirrors the look of concrete, this vinyl tile can add a chic industrial feel to any room.

    • PEARL (TILE)

      It’s the look of ceramic in a tile that stands up to real life. This vinyl tile is built to perform — anywhere you need it. Durability, stability and a stone-style flair!



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Tranquility – The Ethos Signature Collection
Candor – The Ethos Signature Collection
Serenity – The Ethos Signature Collection
Resolve – The Ethos Signature Collection
Optimism – The Ethos Signature Collection
Grace – The Ethos Signature Collection
Fortitude – The Ethos Signature Collection
Integrity – The Ethos Signature Collection
Concrete (Tile) – The Ethos Signature Collection
Pearl (Tile) – The Ethos Signature Collection

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