Go for Gold with Mirage

February 21, 2014

Go for Gold with Mirage


When light just isn’t right, and dark doesn’t have that spark, maybe it’s time to go for gold! Mirage has 19 golden tones in its repertoire. The Mirage Admiration Collection features no less than 8 trendy smooth-surface gold offerings including Rich Oak Golden; Red Oak Sonora and Maple Sonora; and the Sierras in Old Hickory, Hickory, Red Oak, Yellow Birch and Maple. Mirage’s Natural Collection has a quad of honey-hued wood floors that showcase all the natural richness of wood. Choose from Red Oak Exclusive, Old White Oak R&Q, White Oak R&Q, and American Cherry. The Herringbone Collection is home to 7 symmetrically spectacular golden options including Red Oak Exclusive, Red Oak Golden, Red Oak Sonora, Maple Sonora, Red Oak Sierra, Yellow Birch Sierra and Maple Sierra. Take a break from the ordinary and check out the world’s finest golden hardwood floors at Alberta Hardwood Flooring.

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