November 21, 2014


They might not be on anyone’s holiday gift list this year, but products made using graphene, the world’s first 2D material, could be in hot demand this time next year. This amazingly cool substance is the “worlds thinnest material”, and researchers at the University of Manchester believe that it has the potential to “revolutionize almost every part of everyday life”. Discovered in 2004 by a pair of Russian researchers, graphene – an extract of graphite – is a one-atom-thick nano-material that’s fire resistant yet retains heat, is a superb conductor with corrosion resistant properties, and even though it’s ultra light and flexible, it’s about 200 times stronger than steel! Potential applications include cancer treatments, water purification, air craft and automotive technology, food packaging, wearable electronics, paint products, and more. The first graphene products – screens for mobile and e-paper devices – are set to hit the market in 2015.

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