Green Building

September 24, 2015

Green Building

It’s great to see more and more ‘green building’ articles being posted on the internet. A pair of particular interest are the Environmental News Network’s summary of the top LEED builders in the world (we’re # 2!), and the listing of the Top 10 Green Buildings for 2015 (US-based fastcoexist). Outside of the US, Canada has the highest gross square meters of LEED certified space and the highest number of certified and registered projects, and has been a recognized leader in LEED building since 2005! Browsing the specs of the Top 10 Green Buildings for 2015, it’s clear that there have been amazing technological advances in green building. Beyond solar panels and recycled materials, designs now incorporate rain and wastewater harvesting, bioswales, composting toilets, air conditioner condensate capture, heat-reducing ‘cool’ coatings for roofs and sidewalks, and auto sensors that adjust lighting and blinds.

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