How’d they get that in there?

March 1, 2012

How’d they get that in there?

Piece by piece! By now you’ve heard the news…the folks at ReidBuilt Homes have been moonlighting. And we mean that in the truest sense of the word! Over the past few months, ReidBuilt Homes assembled a skilled team of professionals who designed and constructed a model home inside Southgate Centre. The house is the focal point of a contest that will see one lucky person being awarded $350,000.00 towards a brand new home (choice of 8 different builders) in the Creekwood Chappelle subdivision. The construction was done on-site in the evenings after the mall closed. An amazing amount of organization and coordination was required to get this home built on time and in confined quarters, and we give top marks to ReidBuilt for the carry-through as well as the concept. We are very proud to have played a role in providing and installing a beautiful TORLYS laminate floor and hope you’ll stop in for a look and a chance to ‘unlock your new life’. Full contest details are posted on Southgate’s website.


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