Is that a tree you’re wearing?

September 21, 2014

Is that a tree you’re wearing?


If you’re wearing a garment made of rayon or viscose, you may be wearing a product manufactured from the dissolved pulp of a Canadian spruce tree.  What’s more, that rayon or viscose garment might be ‘greener’ than cotton or wool! David Lindsay, President and CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada, cites studies that show “that fabrics made of wood fibre had a lower environmental footprint than competing synthetic materials such as polyester or natural fibres such as wool and cotton.” Lindsay argues that the irrigation (water) cost of cotton production is 15 to 35 times greater than for cellulose fibre production. Another factor to consider is that products such as cotton and wool require arable land, while forests don’t. That’s important because scientists are forecasting a “potential food crisis”, so we’ll need as much arable land as possible for food crops.

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