Livin’ on the Lam

October 21, 2014

Livin’ on the Lam

And the living is EASY! Lam (laminate) flooring is a great option for the active family. Our TORLYS laminate flooring combines great looks with high impact durability for a wear and stain resistance that’s tough to beat. Our 5 TORLYS laminate flooring collections – Lexington, Main Street, Manhattan, Park Lane, and Uptown – all feature the Uniclic joint, allowing the floor to ‘float’ over existing floors or subfloors without glue or nails. That saves time and money during the install! And it allows you to remove and reinstall your TORLYS floor in a new location should you move. From classically chic and sleek styles, to time-worn rustic surfaces, and even ceramic-tile laminates – TORLYS laminates cover all the bases!

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