Luxury Vinyl Plank: Beautiful, Affordable, Stylish

July 9, 2018

Luxury Vinyl Plank: Beautiful, Affordable, Stylish

If yours is an active Edmonton or Calgary home that has kids or pets or both, or maybe you just have high-traffic areas that you want to keep looking beautiful, consider Vinyl Plank Flooring. Our new Ethos Collection is being embraced by home owners, business owners and home builders for its attractiveness and resiliency. Ethos provides a number of vinyl plank style options, all of which look and feel so real, many mistakenly think they are natural hardwood.

Benefits of Luxury Plank Vinyl

Also worth noting, all of the styles in the Ethos Collection are 100% waterproof, so when they are exposed to water they won’t swell, buckle or lose integrity. This makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, hallways, mudrooms, showrooms, offices, and below grade applications. One of the great things about vinyls is that they are easy to clean and virtually any all purpose cleaner will work.

To recap, the Ethos Collection is a coordinated luxury vinyl plank flooring set that provides the look of contemporary woods. All of them are highly durable and versatile. Customers love that they are waterproof, so they are an excellent choice for water or moisture prone areas such as kitchens and basements. If you are looking for new floor consider this and ask for a free estimate.

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