Mirage does fall – beautifully

October 31, 2013

Mirage does fall – beautifully

The spectacular colors of fall come alive with Mirage Hardwood flooring. Glorious Goldens – like Red Oak Exclusive and Golden; American Cherry; African Mahogany Brass; Red Oak and Maple Sonora; Old Hickory, Hickory, Red Oak, Yellow Birch and Maple Sierra; and Old White Oak and White Oak R & Q. Opulent Oranges including Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany); Sapele; Red Oak and Maple Nevada; Tigerwood; Yellow Birch, Maple and Red Oak Auburn; Aged Maple Toffee; and the Cognacs – Red Oak, Maple, and Yellow Birch. And let’s not forget the Ravishing Reds: Aged Maple Praline and Truffle; Red Oak and Maple Canyon; African Mahogany Terracotta and Henna! Inspired by nature, crafted with excellence by Mirage in the style, color and width that perfectly reflects your lifestyle be it family friendly or entertainingly elegant. Want Mirage Hardwood Flooring? We’ve got you covered!

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