TORLYS Cork Flooring

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Composed of millions of tiny cellular air pockets, cork is an extraordinary insulator, quiet, warm and exceptionally comfortable to walk on. Cork reduces heat loss in rooms, helping to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature – never too hot or too cool. Indoor air quality actually improves with cork flooring. It is also hypo-allergenic and insect resistant. Mites and even termites are repelled due to a naturally occurring substance in cork called Suberin.

Our cork is backed by a precisely engineered high density wood core. This design facilitates dent resistance and surface performance, ensuring durability and great looks for decades. For repairs, removing a plank is easy – even if it’s in the middle of the floor. Cork is an easy way to add warmth and unique expression to your space. And, when you own a cork floor, you will feel good about the environment at the same time!

Five Unique Hardwood Product Lines

Choose from two collections that will look amazing for decades.

Vintage Blue Nile – Florence Premier
Vintage Sicilian Olive – Florence Premier
Vintage Linen – Florence Premier
Vintage Southern Comfort – Florence Premier
Vintage Earl Grey – Florence Premier
Vintage Espresso – Florence Premier
Vintage Sand Stone – Florence Premier
Vintage Western Saddle – Florence Premier
Vintage Natural – Florence Premier
Boulevard Natural – Florence Elite
Burl Flagstone – Florence Elite
Burl Shoreline – Florence Elite
Burl Chocolate – Florence Elite
Burl African Ivory – Florence Elite
Burl Coffee Bean – Florence Elite
Burl Sand Stone – Florence Elite
Burl Western Saddle – Florence Elite
Burl Chai – Florence Elite
Burl Natural – Florence Elite
Townline Dark Rum – Florence Designer
Townline Sisal – Florence Designer
Townline Natural – Florence Designer
City Block Mist – Florence Designer
City Block Shale – Florence Designer
Nunavut – Florence Designer
Landscape – Florence Designer
Nubuck – Florence Designer
Coastline – Florence Designer
Block Chai – Florence Designer
Traditions Monterey – Classic Premier
Traditions Pebble Beach – Classic Premier
Traditions Malibu – Classic Classic Premier
Traditions Grand Canyon – Classic Premier
Traditions Natural – Classic Premier
Whistler Chocolate – Classic Elite
Whistler Snow – Classic Elite
Whistler Coffee Bean – Classic Elite
Burl Shoreline – Classic Elite
Burl Natural – Classic Elite

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