Kentwood’s Unique Hardwood Flooring

Starts at Alberta Hardwood Flooring

Kentwood’s offers an almost infinite variety of real wood flooring. This is flooring that makes bold, distinctive design statements for the contemporary home. Kentwood floors are made to last for a lifetime, and manufactured in a way that ensures the forests last forever. This flooring has been installed in thousands of homes from cottages to condos to castles, in cities from Seattle to Salzburg to Shanghai.

At Kentwood, decades of wood working traditions meet advanced manufacturing techniques to create a fresh, contemporary sense of design. These are genuine hardwood floors that are completely unique. They are natural works of art — expertly crafted to provide years of comfort and enjoyment.

Three Unique Hardwood Product Lines

Kentwood offers three lines of genuine hardwood flooring that provides beauty and durability.

Brushed Oak Yakima – Originals
Sculpted Oak Cache Creek – Originals
Sculpted Oak Silver Creek – Originals
Sculpted Oak Cougar Rock – Originals
Sculpted Oak Halfmoon Bay – Originals
Brushed Oak Natural Country – Originals
Brushed Oak Snohomish – Originals
Brushed Oak Lake Placid – Originals
Brushed Oak Black Tusk – Originals
Brushed Oak Glace Bay – Originals
Brushed Oak Ravensdale – Originals
Brushed Oak Granite Pass – Originals
Brushed Oak Kalispell – Originals
Brushed North American Walnut Natural – Originals
Brushed American Walnut Carmanah – Originals
Brushed Ash Barkerville – Originals
Brushed Oak Sanderson – Originals
Brushed Oak Kalispell – Originals
Antiqued Oak Coal Harbour – Originals
Antiqued Oak Boulder – Originals
Antiques Oak Stone City – Originals
Antiqued Oak Iron Springs – Originals
Acacia Pearl Island – Originals
Maple Whitehorn – Originals
Maple Pioneer – Originals
Oak Chuckanut – Originals
Brushed Oak Champagne – Elements
Brushed Oak Ash – Elements
Maple Clamshell – Elements
Brushed Oak Cotton
Brushed Oak Wolverine – Elements
Brushed Oak Bobcat – Elements
Brushed Oak Coho
Brushed Oak Stonecrop
Maple Clamshell- Elements
Brushed Oak Barnacle – Elements
Brushed Walnut Natural – Elements
Maple Bearskin – Elements
Maple Treacle – Elements
Maple Barley – Elements
Maple Wolfhound- Elements
Maple Natural – Elements
Red Oak Natural – Elements
Oak Lynx – Elements
Oak Barley – Elements
Oak Bearskin – Elements
Brushed Oak Albacore – Elements
Tan Brushed Oak – Elements
Brushed Oak Juniper – Elements
Brushed Oak Nutmeg – Elements
Brushed Oak Otter – Elements
Brushed Oak Pronghorn – Elements
Brushed Oak Eggshell – Elements
Brushed Oak Puma – Elements
Brushed Oak Cattail – Elements
Brushed Oak Dolphin – Elements
Brushed Oak Sandstone – Elements
Brushed Oak Nutmeg – Elements
Natural Brushed American Walnut – Elements
Maple Blackthorn – Elements
Maple Armadillo – Elements
Brushed Oak Butte – Elements
Brushed Oak Feldspar – Elements
Brushed Oak Cirrus – Elements
Driftwood Maple – Elements
Driftwood Oak – Elements
Oak Bronze – Elements
Natural Hickory – Elements
Birch Eldorado – Elements
Walnut Tahoe – Elements
Oak Alameda – Elements
Maple Del Rio – Elements
Maple Angeles – Elements
Oak Siren’s Call – Couture
Oak Pagan’s Dance – Couture
Walnut Castile – Couture
Walnut Troubador – Couture
Brushed Oak Percheron – Couture
Brushed Oak Barbican – Couture
Brushed Oak Avalon – Couture
Walnut Natural – Couture
Oak Natural – Couture
Chevron Herringbone Walnut Natural – Couture
Natural Chevron Herringbone Oak – Couture

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