Torlys Smart Hardwood Flooring

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TORLYS offers stunning hardwood floors created with minimal environment impact. TORLYS Smart Hardwood is easy to install and maintain, and designed for long-lasting beauty. These Engineered hardwood floors are scratch-resistant and use a real wood layer. Each plank has a high density wood fiber core and includes backing for added stability.

Engineered hardwood is ideal for relaxed look in casual kitchens or dining areas. The lighter-to-medium tones create a relaxed, informal look, while the rich grain of the mid-tones add texture. Hardwood flooring is also ideal in traditional settings, because it represents everything we love about the past – elegant, yet warm and inviting. Mid-to-dark wood tones reflect richness and classic elegance and complement the rich fabrics and warm lighting of a traditional room setting.

Seven Unique Hardwood Product Lines

Stunning collections with excellent warranties;  TORLYS smart hardwood is easy to install and maintain, and designed for long-lasting beauty. They offer 7 hardwood flooring collections.

Dover Ash – Summit Premier
Hartford Washed Oak – Summit Premier
East Hampton Oak – Summit Premier
Hillsborough Oak – Summit Premier
Cumberland Oak – Summit Premier
Foxborough Oak – Summit Premier
Fairhaven Oak – Summit Premier
Providence Oak – Summit Premier
New Haven Oak – Summit Premier
Summit Elite – Summit Premier
Manor Hill Walnut – Summit Elite
Stratford Walnut – Summit Elite
Middleton Maple – Summit Elite
Springfield Maple – Summit Elite
Bristol Oak – Summit Elite
Brentwood Oak – Summit Elite
Southampton Oak – Summit Elite
Kensington Oak – Summit Elite
Dorset Oak – Summit Elite
Langford Smoked Oak – Summit Elite
Birch Natural – Everest Premier
Cityscape White Oak – Everest Premier
Bedtime Cocoa Oak – Everest Premier
Beachside Oak – Everest Premier
Timberframe Oak – Everest Premier
Alabaster Oak – Everest Premier
Simply Suede Oak – Everest Premier
Cinnamon Spice Oak – Everest Premier
Mountain Trail Oak – Everest Premier
American Walnut – Everest Elite
Maple Natural – Everest Elite
Steamed Bamboo – Everest Elite
Hearthstone Oak – Everest Elite
Red Oak Natural – Everest Elite
Meadowlark Walnut – Everest Designer
Cliffside Walnut – Everest Designer
Coral Beach Rosewood – Everest Designer
Cambridge Clay Oak – Everest Designer
Peppercorn Oak
Vintage Oak – Everest Designer
Winter Hills Oak – Everest Designer
Crystal White Oak – Everest Designer
Highland Oak – Everest Designer
Saddle Brown Oak – Everest Designer
Mojave Sunset Hickory – Artisan Premier
Forest Trail Hickory – Artisan Premier
Sandy Cove Hickory – Artisan Premier
Mountain Smoke Oak – Artisan Premier
Coastal Villa Oak – Artisan Premier
Timber Dust Oak – Artisan Premier
Gleaming Tan Oak – Artisan Premier
Hot Stone Oak – Artisan Premier
New Haven Clay Oak – Artisan Premier
Italian Roast Oak – Artisan Premier
Orchard C Walnut – Artisan Elite
Stonecrest Ash – Artisan Elite
Bracken Hill Maple – Artisan Elite
Hollybrook Maple – Artisan Elite
Cobble Hill Maple – Artisan Elite
Thornbrook Maple – Artisan Elite
Avondale Oak – Artisan Elite
Ravenscroft Oak – Artisan Elite
Brookhaven Oak – Artisan Elite
Hawks Ridge Oak – Artisan Elite

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