Kentwood Brushed Oak Monument Petra

Kentwood Brushed Oak Monument Petra, a impressive 10" wide plank oak, in a natural stain, available with install at Alberta Hardwood Flooring.

Uniquely etched with the hands of history, shaped into a timeless expression of beauty, this is wood flooring for the ages. Inspired by the ageless works of man and nature, these massive planks are dressed with a hefty veneer of European oak, brushed and abraded to recall the eroded surface of an ancient artifact. A low luster polyurethane finish creates an easy-care surface.

An expansive platform boasting a 3.8mm veneer of sawn and brushed European oak. A custom-designed finish creates the look of a European oiled floor in an easy care polyurethane treatment.

10¼“ x 5/8” x approx. 86” (83% full boards)

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