Wall Systems

Premium Wood Wall System Panels

Starts at Alberta Hardwood Flooring

Why should your floor get all the attention? Now you can easily transform your living space with the newest advancement in home décor: wall system panels.  Three different widths and double grooves on each element create an impressive 3-D effect and rich atmosphere in any room.

Bring your bedroom to life with a stunning accent wall, or take advantage of the remarkable durability of these products and modernize your bathroom or even your sauna. Go ahead — these innovative products open up a range of possibilities in wall design. All are environmentally friendly, durable and easy to install.   We provide finishing molding to match the product being used. This includes real wood veneered profiles, decor-covered profiles and Internal and external corners.

Two Unique Paneling Product Styles

Choose from two collections that will look stunning for decades.

Base Element – Surfaces | SP500
Magnet Board | White – Surfaces | SP500
Magnet Board | Black – Surfaces | SP500
White Board | Black – Surfaces | SP500
Walnut | Aubergine – Surfaces | SP500
Maple | Apple Green – Surfaces | SP500
Floral White | Floral Black – Surfaces | SP500
Fantasy White | Kaki Tree – Surfaces | SP500
Cocobolo | Walnut – Surfaces | SP500
White Pine – Surfaces | SP300
White – Surfaces | SP300
Oak – Surfaces | SP300
Ebony – Surfaces | SP300
Dark Grey – Surfaces | SP300
Concrete – Surfaces | SP300
Black Brown Rattan – Surfaces | SP300
Acacia – Surfaces | SP300

You can download a PDF version of the brochure here. Learn more about Meister by booking a free in-home estimate or by visiting one of our showrooms in Edmonton or Calgary.