Everything You Need to Know About Your Flooring Delivery

All of our floors are specifically carton packaged to make delivery simple. Individual cartons are an average weight of approximately 40 – 55 pounds each, but this varies based on the product.

Deliveries begin at 8:00 AM and continue until all scheduled deliveries for the day are complete. Regrettably, due to the volume of deliveries that must be routed, it is impossible to give exact delivery times. However, an Alberta Hardwood representative can call your home or office 2 hours prior to the estimated time of arrival. We would appreciate it if you would be home on the scheduled day of delivery.


We require a signature from a person 18 years of age or older on all delivery orders, and that individual must accompany the delivery crew into your home. If you are in a condominium or apartment building please make sure the elevator service is available.


We will do everything reasonably possible to deliver your purchase on the promised date. However, some dates are clearly marked as “tentative” meaning the goods are not currently available in our warehouse. Any tentative date is NOT a promise date due to manufacturing or shipping delays beyond our control. You will be advised when on-order goods have arrived in our warehouse. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.


Our delivery trucks will need to access your home or jobsite, park and be able to turn around. If you think there might be difficulty with this then please let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to make other trucking arrangements to deliver your new floor. The flooring is delivered within your home, not your garage. Pin hinged doors can be removed to complete delivery, however, carpentry work such as removing doorway moldings, banisters, etc., cannot be done. All pictures in narrow hallways or stairs should be removed by you.

Our delivery crew are required to wear safety footwear at all times and cannot remove their boots, but will put on protective boot covers and/or provide coverings to protect your floors.

Please ensure your driveway and walkways are cleared to accept the delivery (i.e. snow, ice, children’s toys). As well, please clear a path inside your home to the area where your flooring is to be placed.


When unusual or difficult delivery conditions are encountered, you will be advised in advance of the risk of damage occurring. You then have the option of signing a damage waiver or having the merchandise returned to the store. Due to insurance regulations, we cannot be responsible for any damage incurred by moving any materials not purchased on your invoice. Also, we are not responsible for damages caused by any third party that may have been referred to you by anyone in our company.


Your sales receipt should be kept in a safe place, as it contains all the information you and Alberta Hardwood or the manufacturer’s service depot may need to assure you of prompt service should the need ever arise. Please have your receipt ready should you have to call us for any reason.


You will receive a cleaning kit with your purchase. This is the only product that should be used on your new floor. All furniture should have FELT-TACS placed under the legs of furniture and chairs. This ensures these will not scratch your new floor. Appliances should be fitted with GLIDE N GUARDS to allow easy moving of these larger items when cleaning. Both Felt-Tacs and Glide N Guards are available at our showroom. Should you have any questions on your delivery, please contact us.