When We Install Your Flooring…

We employ highly trained, skilled installers who put as much care and attention into your flooring’s installation as you did in choosing it! Additionally, to ensure that you receive the best service and installation possible, we offer a complete inspection of the flooring after installation. You don’t pay until you’re satisfied!

Dust & Construction Debris

Installing a floor is a construction project, so you can expect noise and dust being produced from the work. Our installation teams will use some saws in your home, such as Miter saws. It is necessary to use the miter saw as this tool is used quite frequently. Miter saws only create dust in concentrated areas. All Alberta Hardwood Flooring installers must use the appropriate dust bags when cutting indoors. Saws such as Table saws must be used outside as they create large amounts of dust. The installer will do everything possible to ensure dust is kept to a minimum. Note: It is highly recommended that after installation is complete you get a furnace cleaning, as well as a professional clean.

Furniture & Electronics

Our installers do not move furniture or electronics like TVs, computers or stereos. If there is a large amount of furniture in the home on the day of installation, our installer will leave and your job will be rescheduled for a later date. If there are one or two large pieces of furniture that you need assistance moving, our installers will gladly help. However, we will not be responsible for damages that may occur when moving furniture. If we are installing flooring throughout your entire home, it’s a recommended you move your furniture to the finished flooring in the evenings. This way our installers can start on the new areas in the morning. Note: If you have large amounts of furniture that cannot be moved in to another room of the home, we recommend you call a moving company and store the furniture in temporary storage.

Toilets & Plumbing Appliances

We can’t remove these items, as we are not plumbers. Our installations teams are not to remove any type plumbing in the home. This includes gas stoves & fridge lines. We can move the appliances back and forth if these items have no plumbing or it has been disconnected.  Note: If we are installing in a bathroom or kitchen, call a plumber and arrange the removal of toilets and fridges (water line to fridge). Our sales staff may be able to recommend a particular plumber they have worked with in the past.

Removal of Old Flooring

Alberta Hardwood Flooring does offer to remove old flooring and baseboards at an additional cost. If you have chosen to do this yourself there are some things you should know. Please ensure this is also done prior to our installers arriving. The sub floor must be clear of any carpet straight edges (tacks that hold carpet to sub floor), and all protruding staples are to be removed (if staples are embedded and flush in the floor leave as is.) Note: If you have paid for Alberta hardwood to remove your old flooring, your price does include disposal as well.

Installation Time

This is a tough one to answer, as every job is unique. Issues can arise during installation that may delay the job. Once the job is totally prepped and ready to go our installation teams can typically install between 250 to 1000 square feet per day. Your sales consultant will be able to give an accurate time frame on your project.

Installation Work Times

Typically our installers start between 8:00 – 9:00 AM and work until 5:00 PM. If you have a specific start / finish times please notify your sales rep. Note: If you’re living in a multi-family building, check with building management first as they may have strict guidelines on hours of allowed construction in the building.