Taimen, Tigers, and Trees

November 20, 2015

Taimen, Tigers, and Trees

The taimen, native to the rivers in Russia’s Far East, is the world’s largest species of salmon. A typical taimen can weigh in at nearly 200 pounds. Amur leopards, Siberian tigers, and the Blakiston fish-owl are also native to Russia’s Far East. What connects these diverse species is the endangerment they’re all facing as a result of increased illegal logging. According to National Geographic, an investigation by the EIA – a Washington-based non-profit – found that ‘at least 50 percent of hardwoods cut there have illegal origins’ (Actman, 2015). Where does all that illegally harvested wood go? A large percentage ends up in China, and is subsequently fabricated into ‘furniture or hardwood flooring’ for the North American market. The report notes that although China is working at curbing imports of illegally sourced wood by drafting both a verification system and import guidelines, what’s really needed are stricter laws.

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