Two score and seventeen

February 1, 2013

Two score and seventeen


That’s 57 in today-speak, and that’s exactly how many unique shades are in Mirage’s Admiration Collection. Here’s the breakdown: nine hearty Hickory tones, eighteen marvelous Maples, nineteen rich Red Oaks, and eleven mellow Yellow Birch choices. And although there’s a wide range of floor types in this collection – Classic, Engineered, Lock, and even Herringbone – plus widths that range from svelte 2 ¼” strips to broad 6 ½” planks, there’s one constant that you can count on: quality! No matter which Mirage flooring product you choose, you will always get the same results: uniformity, stability, durability, better air quality, added value and life-long good looks. With Mirage, top quality is standard – not an option!

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