Wall transformations just a ‘click’ away

September 21, 2014

Wall transformations just a ‘click’ away

The idea that walls are a medium worthy of adornment isn’t new. Historians estimate that the earliest ‘wall art’ – the Lascaux cave paintings in Southwestern France – was created around twenty thousand years ago. As technologies advanced, various civilizations decorated walls with papyrus, rice paper, metal, wood, fabric, plaster, vinyl, and paint. Often, particularly during the Victorian era, walls were decorated with an abundance of patterns, prints, and fibers in an attempt to convey an aura of opulence. Today, simple sophistication is in, and accent walls are the rage. Our Meister Premium European Wall Systems can transform any space in an extraordinary way. The line features real wood veneers, classic modern colors, and even wood effects. Choose a recessed or flush install for a subtle touch or full-on 3-D effect. Do an entire wall, or just add a panel or two for a pop of color and texture. Simple to install, environmentally friendly, and extremely durable, Meister Premium European Wall Systems really click!

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