When glue won’t do!

August 1, 2012

When glue won’t do!


Mirage’s glueless hardwood product, is the perfect choice for adhesive-free installations. Because it’s engineered – manufactured from real hardwood boards with a high density fiber core – it goes everywhere (on, above, and even below grade). Mirage Lock is available in 3 species: Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Sapele; and like all Mirage products, it’s available in a wide variety of earth-inspired hues. There are 17 distinctive shades in all, ranging from the naturally classy Maple Exclusive and the honey-toned Red Oak Exclusive to the dusky sophistication of Maple and Red Oak Vienna and Maple and Red Oak Umbra. In between are the vibrant reds: Maple and Red Oak Nevada and Maple and Red Oak Auburn; the browns: Maple and Red Oak Montana; the orange-inspired Sapele; and the grey-tinged Maple and Red Oak Charcoal. The beauty of Mirage Lock, aside from the spectacular appearance of the floor itself, is that it incorporates the Rightloc system. Micro-V bevels on all 4 sides ensure an easy and precise installation and offer a portability factor – the floor can be removed and reused in another space! Looking for more in a floor? Mirage Lock delivers.

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