TORLYS Leather Flooring

Starts at Alberta Hardwood Flooring

This unique flooring product comes in a variety of classic tones and patterns, appealing to décor consumers who balance concern for the environment, a desire for rich, natural textures and leading edge design sensibilities. Few products can match what TORLYS Leather has to offer. TORLYS Leather floors are exciting, sensuous, and affordable.

Leather tiles create a luxurious environment that is both warm and welcoming. Their versatility allows interiors to be either contemporary or traditional. As soon as you enter a room with a leather floor or wall, you are surrounded by a subtle, inviting aroma. Warm to the touch, your leather floor and wall tiles will provide years of enjoyment.

Leather tiles also help absorb sound, making them an excellent choice for boardrooms, screening rooms, libraries, dens and bedrooms. The leather tiles are also naturally fire retardant. Their design is timeless!

Two Unique Hardwood Product Lines

Choose from two collections that will look amazing for decades.

Milano Pecan – Leather Plank & Tile
Milano Brown – Leather Plank & Tile
Catania – Leather Plank & Tile
Novara Black – Leather Plank & Tile
Modena Wine – Leather Plank & Tile
Modena Brown – Leather Plank & Tile
Genova Fawn – Leather Plank & Tile
Genova Black – Leather Plank & Tile
Genova Cognac – Leather Plank & Tile
Genova Chocolate – Leather Plank & Tile

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