Ann Sacks

Ann Sacks Terrazzo Renata Wall and Floor Tile

Ann Sacks Terrazzo Renata Wall and Floor Tile, available with install, at Alberta Hardwood Flooring.  Visit one of our showrooms to view in person, and to obtain pricing for this product. 

Terrazzo Renata brings the beauty of Old Italy terrazzo, which means “terrace” in Italian, into the homes of today.  Throughout Italy you will find versions of these tiles in palazzos and casas alike and lending rustic charm to village walkways and gardens since the 15th century.  Terrazzo Renata includes marbles from the famed Carrara mountains, its stone combination selected for its fine variation in size, composition and coloration.

The Renata collection is available in a mosaic, fluted square, 16" x 16", and a slab format.

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