Ethos Eco Hard Surface Spray Cleaner 700 ML - Edmonton and Area Shipping

Ethos Eco Hard Surface Spray Cleaner 700 ML 

Exclusive to Alberta Hardwood Flooring, this non- abrasive, eco floor cleaner is perfect for all finished hardwood, laminates, vinyls, sealed tile and floating floors. Keep your floors looking brand new with our streak and residue free hard surface cleaner.

Directions for use: 

Vacuum or sweep the area first. Spray a small amount of the cleaner onto the mop head.  Wipe floor with mop. Repeat as necessary.  

Mop cover is machine washable, do not use fabric softener.

Not intended for use on oiled, waxed, unfinished or natural stone surfaces.

Always test a small area prior to cleaning your whole surface.

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